1. A tabular data file should meet the minimum criteria as defined in the Elements:

    a. Detailed Guide to the Elements

    b. Quick guide to the Elements

  2. If the data are initially saved in a different program (e.g. Excel), comply with the reporting format, convert the file to CSV, and resolve data inconsistencies and/or formatting problems.

  3. Submit a companion CSV data dictionary following the CSV_dd_instructions.


  • CSV fields common to ESS-DIVE Package Level Metadata are consistent in format structure.

  • These elements represent the ideal file for interoperable and machine-readable data.

  • Following the recommended format and structure of the CSV Reporting Format will facilitate FLMD extraction of some fields using the File Level Metadata Extractor

Contents of the Elements

File Structure

  • Character Set

  • Delimiter

  • Data Matrix

  • Column or Row Name Orientation

Naming Structure

  • File Name

  • Column or Row Names

  • Units

Field Structure

  • Consistent Values

  • Missing Value Codes

  • Temporal Data

  • Temporal Data Range

  • Spatial Data

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